Soo Catwoman

Soo Lucas, better known as Soo Catwoman (often written incorrectly as Sue Catwoman), was associated with the London punk subculture that sprang up around the mid-1970s.

Soo Catwoman
Other namesSoo Catwoman
OccupationCelebrity, actress


In The Filth and the Fury, Johnny Rotten singles her out among the early London punks, citing her "skill, style, and bravery".[1]

Soo created her trademark Catwoman haircut in an Ealing barber shop in 1976. The hair around the sides and back was severely cropped close to the head with the two sides flared up to suggest the ears of a cat. Portions of the hairstyle were dyed different colours — the flared "ears" being black and the cropped parts being bleached.

Soo was pictured by Ray Stevenson posing with members of the Bromley Contingent such as Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin and Billy Idol.[2] While she was also associated with the Bromley Contingent by all the journalists, she would later claim not to have been a member.[3]

Photos and likenesses of Soo Catwoman were, and remain, popular in punk rock media. She appeared in several punk documentaries and concert films. She declined to appear in Julien Temple's The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and was portrayed by actress Judy Croll. She now lives in London with her son and daughter.


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