Sonija Kwok Sin-nei (Chinese: 郭羨妮, born 22 July 1974) is a Hongkonger actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who worked with TVB from 1999 to 2015. Since 2015 she has been managed by GAIA Entertainment.

Sonija Kwok
Sonija Kwok in 2019
Born (1974-07-22) 22 July 1974 (age 49)
Occupation(s)Actress, model
Years active1999-present
Zhu Shaojie
(m. 2011)
Chinese name
Hanyu PinyinGuō Xiànnī
JyutpingKwok Sin Nei

Early life edit

Kwok was born in Hong Kong and is of mixed three quarters Cantonese and one quarter English parentage. Kwok immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from Hong Kong. She initially attended the University of British Columbia, but transferred to Simon Fraser University where she completed her BA major in Psychology. After obtaining her degree, Kwok joined Cathay Pacific as a flight attendant.

Career edit

After a short stint as a flight attendant, Kwok returned to Hong Kong in 1999 and competed in the 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant. During the semi-final, she won the Miss Photogenic award making her a favourite to win Miss Hong Kong following the precedent since 1996. She subsequently won the title "Miss Hong Kong" in July 1999 as well as Miss International Goodwill and Miss Intelligence. Coincidentally, all the winners of the Miss Hong Kong pageant spanning 1997 to 2000 are from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

After winning the "Miss Hong Kong" title, Kwok participated in numerous TVB events. In February 2000, she represented Hong Kong at the 2000 Miss Chinese International pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was crowned as the winner and also won two other awards. She is considered one of the most successful winners, as she, Michelle Reis, Hera Chan, and Grace Chan are the only three Miss Hong Kong pageant winners to have held both titles. Reis was the winner for the pageant's inaugural year in 1988, while Chan won in 2014. After her success in both pageants, she represented Hong Kong at the Miss Universe 2000 pageant held in Cyprus. Although she did not feature in the top ten list, she was included in the top ten list of "Miss Photogenic" featured on the Miss Universe's website main page. She is the last representative from Hong Kong to participate in Miss Universe contest.

She has appeared in many TVB television series and has starred in other TV shows, series, commercials, and entertainment functions, as well as being a spokeswoman for many beauty and other commercial products in Hong Kong. She has also appeared in television series which are produced in mainland China.

Personal life edit

Kwok married Chinese martial arts choreographer Zhu Shaojie (朱少杰) in Guam in 2011. The pair met in a film shooting in China a year earlier.

Kwok was previously romantically linked to TVB stars Deric Wan and Steven Ma.

Maid assault edit

On 24 March 2009, Kwok was attacked by her maid, who bit her arm, pulled her hair and held a knife to her neck. This followed Kwok's reporting to the police of an earlier incident in which the maid, apparently distraught over the break-up of a relationship, held a knife to her own throat and was calmed by Kwok. The helper was subsequently held in a mental hospital.[1]

Awards edit

Miss Hong Kong 1999
Miss Photogenic, Miss Intelligence, Miss International Goodwill, Winner.
Miss Chinese International 2000
Winner, Miss Internet Popularity, and Miss Vegas Gorgeous.
Starhub TVB Awards 2010
My Favourite TVB Female Character 2009: Ying Jing-Jing 邢晶晶 (D.I.E. Again)

Filmography edit

Television series edit

Year Title Role Notes
2001 A Step Into the Past Kam Ching / Chun Ching
Law Enforcers Cheng Wai-ling Episode 1
2002 Fight for Love (TV series) Ying Choi-yee Warehoused, direct-to-DVD
Where the Legend Begins Kwok Huen
Family Man Bobo Ko Po-yee
Love and Again Suen Siu-yuet
2003 Perish in the Name of Love Princess Chiu-yan (Chu Fai-lan)
The Legend of Love Chik-nui
The Driving Power Ngan Episode 20
2004 The Last Breakthrough Hong Kiu
Angels of Mission Chief Inspector Sam Sung Lok-kei
2005 Hidden Treasures Yuki Cheuk Lam
2006 Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Kan Bing-wan
Vaganbond Vigilante Wan Chi-lo
Au Revoir Shanghai Tong Yan
Land of Wealth Baba Hayee Ko-wah
2006–07 The Conquest Xishi
2007 On the First Beat Inspector Winnie Yuen Wai-nei
2008 D.I.E. Inspector Ying Jing-jing
2008-09 Pages of Treasures Yuen Wai-chung
2008 8 Avatar Bai Mudan
2009 D.I.E. Again Inspector Ying Jing-jing
ICAC Investigators 2009 Fong Chi-chuen Episode: "Nail House"
2010 When Lanes Merge Cheung Hiu-man
2011 7 Days in Life Christy Wong Ka-yu
Palace Consort Xi
2012 Palace II Herself Episode 35
L'Escargot Sze Long-kiu
The Greatness of a Hero Cho Yuet Previously warehoused; released on DVD in 2009
Minguo Enchou Lu Wang Lizhen
2013 The Day of Days Tong Nga-yuen
2014 Ma Gu Xian Shou Queen Mother
2015 Under the Veil Sheh Wan-chu
2022 Inevitable [zh] So Lai-tsun ViuTV series; filmed 2021

Film edit

Year Title Role Notes
2001 The Cheaters Michelle Lui
The Replacement Suspects Vivian Lee a.k.a. The Replacement Suspect
2002 Fighting to Survive Snooker / Ling a.k.a. Bodyguard Of The Neighbourhood
2004 Hot Cop in the City Judy Chu Jing
Unbearable Heights a.k.a. Unbearable Height
2006 Wo Hu Elaine a.k.a. Operation Undercover
a.k.a. Undercover Tiger
2007 Happy Birthday Yan
2011 The Sorcerer and the White Snake Bu Ming a.k.a. Madame White Snake
2019 Dearest Anita
Bodies at Rest
Back to the Past[2] Kam Ching (琴清)


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