Song of the Bailing Man

Song of the Bailing Man is the fifth Pere Ubu album, and their final work before disbanding for the first extended period. Anton Fier (who would later form The Golden Palominos) replaced Scott Krauss on drums for this album; his only appearance with Pere Ubu. This was the final Pere Ubu album until 1988's The Tenement Year.

Song of the Bailing Man
Studio album by
LabelRough Trade (original release)
Cooking Vinyl (1999 European CD reissue)
Thirsty Ear (1999 US CD reissue)
Get Back (2001 Italian LP reissue)
ProducerAdam Kidron
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Song of the Bailing Man
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Song of the Bailing Man
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Professional ratings
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AllMusic3/5 stars[1]

Track listingEdit

All songs by Fier, Maimone, Ravenstine, Thomas, Thompson.

  1. "The Long Walk Home" – 2:34
  2. "Use of a Dog" – 3:17
  3. "Petrified" – 2:16
  4. "Stormy Weather" – 3:20
  5. "West Side Story" – 2:46
  6. "Thoughts That Go by Steam" - 3:47
  7. "Big Ed's Used Farms" - 2:24
  8. "A Day Such as This" - 7:17
  9. "The Vulgar Boatman Bird" - 2:49
  10. "My Hat" - 1:19
  11. "Horns Are a Dilemma" - 4:21


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