Sonar Tori (alternatively spelt Sonar Tari, Bengali: সোনার তরী) is a collection of Bengali poetry by poet Rabindranath Tagore. The collection has more than forty poems and was first published in 1894.[1] Sonar Tori is considered to be one of the most celebrated literary works of Tagore.[2][3]

Sonar Tori
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Original titleসোনার তরী
CountryBritish India (now India)
Media typePrint
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In this poetry collection, the poet shows his thirst and quest for beauty, and detaching himself from the world of humanity.[4]


At a Kuthibari (house) at Shilaidaha Tagore stayed intermittently between 1891 and 1901. Many poems of this collection were written during his stay at this place.[5] The poems of this collection were written between March 1892 and December 1893. The book was first published in 1894.[2]


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