Sona may refer to:

  • State of the Nation Address


  • Sona, Veneto, a comune in the province of Verona in Italy
  • Soná District, Veraguas, a district within the Province of Veraguas, situated in Panama
  • Șona, a commune located in Alba County, Romania.
  • Sona Glacier, a Himalayan glacier situated in the eastern part of Uttarakhand in the Pithoragarh district of India
  • Sona, Norway, a village in the municipality of Stjørdal in Trøndelag county, Norway
    • Sona Station, a railway station on the Meråker Line in the village of Sona
  • Sona Mosque, a mosque in Chapai Nawabganj district of Bangladesh
  • Sona College of Technology, a college in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India



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