Someday/Somehow is the debut solo album from Steve Porcaro.

Studio album by
ReleasedJune 2016
LabelPorcara Musica
ProducerSteve Porcaro
Michael Sherwood


Steve Porcaro worked on the album for many years with collaborator Michael Sherwood.[1][2] Several members of Porcaro's band Toto guest on the album, including his two brothers Mike and Jeff Porcaro, who had died before the album was released, and Steve Lukather, Lenny Castro, Shannon Forrest and Mabvuto Carpenter.

Two songs planned for the album were used instead on Toto's Toto XIV: "The Little Things" and, as a Japan-only bonus track, "Bend".[2] "Back to You" was worked on by Toto in 1983 and finished in 2015.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Ready or Not" [Porcaro/Sherwood/Kimmett]
  2. "Loved by a Fool" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  3. "Someday/Somehow" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  4. "Swing Street" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  5. "She's So Shy" [Porcaro/Sherwood/Kimmett]
  6. "Back to You" [Porcaro]
  7. "Face of a Girl" [Porcaro/Sherwood/Kimmett]
  8. "To No One" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  9. "Make Up" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  10. "She's the One" [Porcaro/Sherwood]
  11. "Night of Our Own" [Porcaro/Sherwood/Kimmett]
  12. "Painting by Numbers" [Porcaro/Sherwood/Julius Robinson]
  13. "More Than I Can Take" [Porcaro]