Sombetini is an administrative ward located in the Arusha City Council of Arusha Region in Tanzania. As of 2012, it is one of 19 urban administrative wards in the municipality. Sombetini ward is bordered by Elerai ward to the north, Unga Limited and Sokon I wards to the east. The wards of Olasiti and Terrat are located in to west and south respectively. Sombetini ward is home to Aim Mall and Arusha City Goat Market. The ward covers an area of 5.173 km2 (1.997 sq mi),[1] and has an elevation of 1,348 m (4,423 ft).[2] According to the 2012 census, the ward had a total population of 48,268.[3]

Kata ya Sombetini (Swahili)
Street scene in Sombetini Ward
Street scene in Sombetini Ward
Sombetini is located in Tanzania
Coordinates: 3°23′11.94″S 36°40′2.64″E / 3.3866500°S 36.6674000°E / -3.3866500; 36.6674000Coordinates: 3°23′11.94″S 36°40′2.64″E / 3.3866500°S 36.6674000°E / -3.3866500; 36.6674000
Country Tanzania
RegionArusha Region
DistrictArusha District
CapitalSimanjiro Neighborhood
 • Total5.173 km2 (1.997 sq mi)
1,348 m (4,423 ft)
 • Total48,268
 • Density9,300/km2 (24,000/sq mi)
Ethnic groups
 • SettlerWaarusha, Iraqw & Meru
 • AncestralKinongo
Tanzanian Postal Code


The southern p[art of Sombetini ward is home to the Arusha City Goat Market, the largest goat market in Arusha region. Other notable economic activities are the Mbauda Market, also one of the largest trading centers in the city. Additionally, the ward is home to the Arusha Cultural Heritage Center and Gallery.

Administration and neighbourhoodsEdit

The postal code for Sombetini Ward is 23116.[4] The ward is divided into the following neighbourhoods:

  • Kirika A, Sombetini
  • Kirika B, Sombetini
  • Olamuriaki, Sombetini
  • Osunyai, Sombetini
  • Simanjiro, Sombetini


Sombetini ward is home to these educational institutions:

  • Sombetini Primary School
  • Sombetini Secondary School
  • Imani Primary School (private)
  • Green Valley School (private)
  • Hady Primary School (private)
  • Nakido Primary School (private)


Sombetini ward is home to the following health institutions:

  • Sombetini Health Center


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