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Solstice Wood is a 2006 fantasy novel by American writer Patricia A. McKillip, the sequel to her 1996 novel Winter Rose. It won the 2007 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature.[1]

Solstice Wood
Solsticewood firsteditionco.gif
First edition cover
AuthorPatricia A. McKillip
CountryUnited States
PublisherAce Books
Publication date
February 7, 2006
Media typePrint
Preceded byHarrowing the Dragon 
Followed byThe Bell at Sealey Head 



As a bookseller in California, Sylva Lynn has a comfortable life away from her family. But after receiving word that her grandfather has died, she reluctantly returns to New York for the funeral. When the old magic protecting their house from the fay fails, Sylva's cousin is kidnapped and replaced with a changeling. Like her relative Rois Melior, the hero of Winter Rose, it is only Sylva, who is part fairy herself, who is able to cross the border into the other realm to rescue him and return peace to their ancestral home


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