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Solnova Solar Power Station

The Solnova Solar Power Station is a large CSP power station made up of five separate units of 50 MW each. The facility is part of the Solucar Complex, in Sanlúcar la Mayor, in Spain, the same area where the PS20 solar power tower is also located.[1] With the commissioning of the third 50 MW unit, the Solnova-IV in August 2010, the power station ranks as one of the largest CSP power stations in the world.

Solnova Solar Power Station
Foto aére de solnovas y torre junio 2010.jpg
The first three units of Solnova. I (right) III (left, front) and IV (left rear). The two towers in the background are the PS10 and PS20 solar power stations.
LocationSanlúcar la Mayor
Coordinates37°24′58″N 06°16′19″W / 37.41611°N 6.27194°W / 37.41611; -6.27194Coordinates: 37°24′58″N 06°16′19″W / 37.41611°N 6.27194°W / 37.41611; -6.27194
Commission date2010
Owner(s)Abengoa Solar
Solar field
CSP technologyParabolic trough
Site area1.15 km2 (280 acres)
Site resource2,012 kWh/m2/yr
Power generation
Nameplate capacity150 MW
250 MW (planned)

Solnova-I, Solnova-III, and Solnova-IV[2] were commissioned in mid-2010 and are all rated at 50 MWe in installed capacity each.[1] All five plants are built, owned and operated by Abengoa Solar, a Spanish solar power company.

All five power stations, the three commissioned and two under development, will be utilizing parabolic troughs, a technology to use concentrated solar power. The three commissioned power stations are also equipped to support natural gas as its secondary fuel source for power generation.[1]

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