Solms-Laubach was a County of southern Hesse and eastern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The House of Solms[1] had its origins in Solms, Hesse.

County of Solms-Laubach
Grafschaft Solms-Laubach
Coat of arms of Solms-Laubach
Coat of arms
StatusState of the Holy Roman Empire
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Partitioned from S-Lich
• Partitioned to create

• Partitioned to create
    S-Baruth & S-Rödelheim

• Partitioned to create

• Annexed to Solms-Baruth
• Mediatised to Hesse
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Solms-Lich Solms-Lich
Grand Duchy of Hesse

History edit

Solms-Laubach was originally created as a partition of Solms-Lich. In 1537 Philip, Count of Solms-Lich, ruling count at Lich, purchased the Herrschaft Sonnewalde in Lower Lusatia which he left to his younger son Otto of Solms-Laubach (1496–1522), together with the county of Laubach. While Lich and Laubach were counties with imperial immediacy, Sonnewalde remained a semi-independent state country within the March of Lusatia (the latter being an immediate state of the Holy Roman Empire). A later Count Otto (1550–1612) moved to Sonnewalde and built the castle in 1582. In 1596 he also purchased the nearby Herrschaft of Baruth which was also elevated to a state country within the March of Lusatia. The branch then was divided into the twigs of Solms-Laubach, Solms-Sonnewalde and Solms-Baruth.

Solms-Laubach partitioned between itself and Solms-Sonnenwalde in 1561; between itself, Solms-Baruth and Solms-Rödelheim 1607; and between itself and Solms-Sonnenwalde 1627. Solms-Laubach inherited Solms-Sonnenwalde in 1615. With the death of Count Charles Otto in 1676, it was inherited by Solms-Baruth and recreated as a partition in 1696. Solms-Laubach was mediatised to Hesse-Darmstadt in 1806.

The counts of Solms-Laubach still own Laubach Castle and Arnsburg Abbey. Until 1935, Münzenberg Castle also belonged to the estate.

Laubach Castle.

Counts of Solms-Laubach edit

First creation: 1544–1676 edit

Second creation: 1696–1806 edit

  • Frederick Ernest (1696–1723)
  • Christian Augustus (1723–84), with...
    • Frederick Magnus II (1723–38)
  • Frederick Louis Christian (1784–1806)

Mediatized edit

  • Friedrich Ludwig Christian, 5th Count 1806 (Mediatized)-1822 (1769-1822)
    • Otto, 6th Count 1822-1872 (1799-1872)
      • Friedrich, 7th Count 1872-1900 (1833-1900)
        • Otto, 8th Count 1900-1904 (1860-1904)
          • Georg, 9th Count 1904-1969 (1899-1969)
            • Otto, 10th Count 1969-1973 (1926-1973)
              • Karl, 11th Count 1973–present (b.1963)
                • August, Hereditary Count of Solms-Laubach (b.1994)
              • Count Gustav (b.1965)
                • Count Oscar (b.2008)
              • Count Franz (b.1971)
          • Count Friedrich (1902-1991)
            • Count Ernst (b.1939)
              • Count Stefan (b.1976)
        • Count Reinhard (1872-1937)
          • Count Hans (1927-2009)
            • Count Georg (b.1972)
      • Count Ernst (1837-1908)
        • Count Ernstotto (1890-1977)
          • Count Friedrich-Ernst (b.1940)

References edit

  1. ^ See German article on the House of Solms or French article Maison de Solms.

Literature edit

  • Rudolph zu Solms-Laubach: Geschichte des Grafen- und Fürstenhauses Solms. Adelmann, Frankfurt am Main 1865