Sol Duc Hot Springs

Sol Duc Hot Springs is a resort located in Olympic National Park, Washington state, that is best known for its soaking pools, hot tubs, and a swimming pool that are heated with the nearby hot springs. The resort is situated in a valley carved by the Sol Duc River.

Sol Duc Hot Springs resort in 1914

The springs, known to local Native American tribes for their therapeutic value, first came to the attention of settlers in the 1880s.[1] An elaborate resort opened up in 1912, and was characterized as "the most noted pleasure and health resort on the Pacific Coast"[1] until it burned down in 1916. The resort was rebuilt on a much less grand scale in the 1920s, and was operated into the 1970s until it ran into trouble with its thermal spring in the 1970s. These problems were overcome, and the resort was rebuilt in the 1980s. It continues to operate until this day, attracting thousands of visitors a year.[2] Also located in the area is the undeveloped Olympic Hot Springs.[3]


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