Sokuluk (Dungan: Сохўлў, Sohwlw; Kyrgyz, Russian: Сокулук) is a large village in the Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan. Divided over two rural communities, its total population was 24,417 in 2009.[1]

Sokuluk is located in Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates: 42°51′36″N 74°18′0″E / 42.86000°N 74.30000°E / 42.86000; 74.30000Coordinates: 42°51′36″N 74°18′0″E / 42.86000°N 74.30000°E / 42.86000; 74.30000
RegionChuy Region
DistrictSokuluk District
728 m (2,388 ft)
 • Total24,417
Time zoneUTC +5

Sokuluk is the administrative center of Sokuluk District, and is located about 5 km west from the town of Shopokov, the main economic center of the area.[2]


According to historians, Sokuluk started its existence in the early 1880s, as a place of settlement of many of the Dungan people who moved to the Russian Empire from the Kulja (Yining) area between 1881 and 1883, after Russia agreed to withdraw its troops from Kulja pursuant to the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881). [3]

Sokuluk is the birthplace of the Dungan poet, writer, and educator Iasyr Shivaza (1906-1988).

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