Soga no Kitashihime (蘇我 堅塩媛) was a Japanese noblewoman and high lady, a daughter of Soga no Iname, a high-ranking official. She was a consort of Emperor Kinmei of Japan. Among her offspring were Emperor Yōmei, Empress Suiko and Princess Ōtomo.



Soga no Kitashihime gave birth to seven sons and six girls:

  • Imperial Prince Oe or Ikebe (Emperor Yōmei); born 540
  • Imperial Princess Ihane-hime or Ihakumo, Ise Virgin; had to resign her charge being convicted of intrigue with her half-brother Mubaragi
  • Imperial Prince Atori
  • Imperial Princess Nukatabe (Empress Suiko), born 553, died 626
  • Imperial Prince Maroko
  • Imperial Princess Ohoyake
  • Imperial Prince Iso no Kami Be (Imigako)
  • Imperial Prince Yamashiro
  • Imperial Princess Ohotomo or Ohomata; born about 560; married her nephew Oshisako no Hikohito no Oe, son of Bidatsu
  • Imperial Prince Sakurai
  • Imperial Princess Katano
  • Imperial Prince Tachibana Moto no Wakugo
  • Imperial Princess Toneri, born about 565; died 603; married to her nephew Tame Toyora, son of Yōmei

The exact year of her death is unclear, but in February 612 a large funeral was held and she was re-interred in Emperor Kinmei's tumulus.