Sofia Psalter

The Sofia Psalter (Bulgarian: Софийски песнивец, Sofiyski pesnivets), also known as Ivan Alexander's Psalter or the Kuklen Psalter, is a 14th-century Bulgarian illuminated psalter. It was produced in 1337 and belonged to the royal family of Tsar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria.

Sofia Psalter
Sofia Psalter 1337.png
Original titleСофийски песнивец
Publication date
Media typeink and illumination on parchment
Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The psalter, which consists 318 parchment folios, is written in Middle Bulgarian Cyrillic and contains the text of the Psalms along with interpretation by Eusebius of Caesarea, as well as the Nicene Creed and an interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. Of particular importance is the Praise to Ivan Alexander, who ordered the manuscript, contained on folios 311a-312b.

The manuscript is part of the collection of the Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia.

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