Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992

The Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (c 4) is the primary legislation concerning the state retirement provision, accident insurance, statutory sick pay and maternity pay in the United Kingdom.


  • Part I Contributions
  • Part II Contributory benefits
  • Part III Non-contributory benefits
  • Part IV Increases for dependants
  • Part V Benefit for industrial injuries
  • Part VI Miscellaneous provisions relating to Parts I to V
  • Part VII Income-related benefits
  • Part VIII The Social Fund
  • Part IX Child Benefit
  • Part X Christmas bonus for pensioners
  • Part XI Statutory sick pay
  • Part XII Statutory maternity pay (ss 164-171)
  • Part XIII General


  • Schedule 1 Supplementary provisions relating to contributions of Classes 1, 1A, 2 and 3.
  • Schedule 2 Levy of Class 4 contributions with income tax.
  • Schedule 3 Contribution conditions for entitlement to benefit.
  • Schedule 4 Rates of benefits, etc.
  • Schedule 5 Increase of pension where entitlement is deferred.
  • Schedule 6 Assessment of extent of disablement.
  • Schedule 7 Industrial injuries benefits.
  • Schedule 8 Industrial injuries and diseases (old cases).
  • Schedule 9 Exclusions from entitlement to child benefit.
  • Schedule 10 Priority between persons entitled to child benefit.
  • Schedule 11 Circumstances in which periods of entitlement to statutory sick pay do not arise.
  • Schedule 12 Relationship of statutory sick pay with benefits and other payments, etc.
  • Schedule 13 Relationship of statutory maternity pay with benefits and other payments etc.

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