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The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is a commercial citation index product of Clarivate Analytics Healthcare & Science division. It was developed by the Institute for Scientific Information from the Science Citation Index.

Science Citation Index
Producer Thomson Reuters (United States)
Disciplines Social sciences
Record depth Index & citation indexing



The SSCI citation database covers some 3,000 of the world's leading academic journals in the social sciences across more than 50 disciplines.[1] It is made available online through the Web of Science service for a fee. The database records which articles are cited by other articles.


Philip Altbach has criticised the Social Sciences Citation Index of favouring English-language journals generally and American journals specifically, while greatly underrepresenting journals in non-English languages.[2]

In 2004, economists Daniel B. Klein and Eric Chiang conducted a survey of the Social Sciences Citation Index and identified a bias against free market oriented research. In addition to an ideological bias, Klein and Chiang also identified several methodological deficiencies that encouraged the over-counting of citations, and they argue that the Social Sciences Citation Index does a poor job reflecting the relevance and accuracy of articles.[3]

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