Société Belge d'Études Coloniales

The Société d'Études Coloniales (lit.'Society for Colonial Studies') was a society that promoted the creation and maintenance of Belgian overseas colonies which was established in 1894. For some years it was headquartered in the Hôtel Ravenstein [fr] in Brussels (along with similar groups such as the Cercle Africain and the Ligue Nationale pour l'Oeuvre Africain).[1] By 1902 it had a library.

Hôtel Ravenstein, on Rue Ravenstein in Brussels, was SEC headquarters circa 1900s (2011 photo)

Auguste Couvreur served briefly as its first chairman.[2] Other members included Alexandre Halot [fr]. "Of the twenty-nine founding members of the Société, fourteen had civil functions (eleven were lawyers), nine were intellectuals,...five were soldiers, was a businessman.[1]

As of 2008, the Society's archives were reported to have been lost.[1]

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