Société Anversoise du Commerce au Congo

The Société Anversoise (English: Company of Antwerp) was a concession company of the Congo Free State,[1] headquartered in Antwerp. It was, with the Lulonga Company and the Abir Congo Company, one of the main producers of rubber in the Free State.[2] Alongside Abir and the Lulonga Company the Société Anversoise handed back control of the concession to the Congo Free State in 1906.[2] The Société Anversoise merged with Abir in 1911 to form the Compagnie du Congo Belge with a focus of the management of rubber plantations instead of the harvesting of naturally occurring rubber.[3][4] The Société Anversoise was quoted on the Antwerp Stock Exchange from 27 July 1898.[4]

Congo Free State concession companies, Société Anversoise shown in dark green

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