Sochi National Park

Sochi National Park (Russian: Сочинский национальный парк, also Sochinsky National Park) is Russia's oldest national park, established on May 5, 1983.[1] It is located in the Western Caucasus, near the city of Sochi, in Southern Russia.[2]

Sochi National Park
Russian: Сочинский
(Also: Sochinsky)
European bison on stamp Russia West Caucasus 2006.jpg
European Bison, in Sochi NP
Map showing the location of Sochi National Park
Map showing the location of Sochi National Park
Location of Park
Map showing the location of Sochi National Park
Map showing the location of Sochi National Park
Sochi National Park (Russia)
LocationKrasnodar Krai
Nearest citySochi
Area193,737 hectares (478,735 acres; 748 sq mi)
Established1983 (1983)
Governing bodyMinistry of Natural Resources and Environment (Russia)


Sochi National Park covers 1,937.37 square kilometres (478,730 acres) within the Western Caucasus World Heritage Site. The park occupies the Greater Sochi area, from the border with the Tuapsinsky District, between the mouths of Shepsi River and Magri River in the north-west, to the border with Abkhazia along the Psou River in the south-east, and between the Black Sea to the water divide crest of the Greater Caucasus.

From this territory, the park does not include the areas of settlement, such as the city of Sochi and various urban and rural settlements. The area of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is also distinct. Immediately to the north is the Caucasus Nature Reserve.

Notable waterfalls include Agura, Orekhovsky, Ivanovsky, and Polikarya, as well as the Valley of 33 Falls

Persian leopard re-introductionEdit

In 2009, a Persian leopard reintroduction centre was created in Sochi National Park, where two male leopards from Turkmenistan are being kept since September 2009, and two females from Iran since May 2010. Their descendants will be released into the wild in the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve.[3][4][5]

In 2012, a pair of Persian leopards were brought to the Sochi National park from Portugal's Lisbon Zoo. In July 2013, the pair had a litter, the first Persian leopard cubs known to be born in Russia in 50 years. The cubs will be released into the wild after learning survival skills from their parents, according to Natalia Dronova, the WWF-Russia species coordinator.[6]

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