Sobrecastiello is one of ten parishes (administrative divisions) in Caso, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

Sobrecastiello is located in Spain
Coordinates: 43°09′15″N 5°18′08″W / 43.1541°N 5.3021°W / 43.1541; -5.3021Coordinates: 43°09′15″N 5°18′08″W / 43.1541°N 5.3021°W / 43.1541; -5.3021
Autonomous communityAsturias

The parroquia is 89.05 km2 (34.38 sq mi) in size, with a population of 469 (INE 2006). The postal code is 33996.

Villages and hamletsEdit

Sobrecastiello, which in asturian means uppercastle, is composed by the following villages and hamlets:

  • Belerda
  • Bezanes
  • The Foz
  • Pendones
  • Soto of Caso

The day of the Parroquia is celebrated the 6th of august in the village of Bezanes. It is a hard party where alcohol, drugs and emotions flow freely across the mountains. There have been no mortal casualties during the celebrations for the last 23 years (2017). Some of the most legendary bands that have performed there are Juan Luis and su acordeón or Fervinchu de Cáñamo.