Snowed In (serial)

Snowed In is a 1926 American silent drama film serial in 10 episodes/chapters. Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, the film stars Allene Ray and Walter Miller. Aviation film historian James H. Farmer considered Snowed In as an "above average serial of the period."[1]

Snowed In
Snowed In lobby card 2.jpg
Lobby card for Chapter 9
Directed bySpencer Gordon Bennet (credited as Spencer G. Bennet)
Written byFrank Leon Smith (story, scenario)
StarringAllene Ray
Walter Miller
CinematographyLinwood G. Dunn
Distributed byPathé Exchange Inc.
Release date
  • July 4, 1926 (1926-07-04)
Running time
10 episodes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


David Sheridan (Walter Miller), a forest ranger who teams up with Shirley Kane (Allene Ray), an adventuress to go up against a gang of bandits. The gang is controlled by the mysterious Charles Redfield, whom none of the bandits have ever actually seen.

A number of airmail robberies has taken place, and J.B. Swinnerton (Frank Austin), an airmail pilot is being blamed. Forest ranger Sheridan is out to prove who is really behind the series of spectacular armed robberies.

When all the protagonists are cut off from the outside world by a blizzard, the immense forces of nature force everyone to find a way to survive.

Chapter titlesEdit

  1. Storm Warnings
  2. The Storm Starts
  3. The Coming of Redfield
  4. Redfield Strikes
  5. Buried
  6. The Enemy's Stronghold
  7. The Trap
  8. Thieves' Honor
  9. Daybreak
  10. The End of Redfield



Filming for Snowed In took place in and around McCall, Idaho, in the Payette National Forest. Aircraft were staged out of McCall Municipal Airport in Valley County, Idaho. [1]


Aviation film historian Michael Paris in From the Wright Brothers to Top Gun: Aviation, Nationalism, and Popular Cinema compared Snowed In to other films that dealt with the airmail pilots who operated in Western United States.[2] He listed The Air Mail (1925) and Flying High (1926),The Flying Mail (1926), Wolves of the Air (1927), and Pirates of the Sky (1927) that were also examples of the sub-genre of the "modern western adventure" that often had heroes mounted on aircraft, not horses. [3][N 1]

Preservation statusEdit

Snowed In is now considered to be a lost film.[4]

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  1. ^ Pathé Exchange's Snowed In was a "profitable" serial.[1]


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