Snapshots as Souvenirs

Snapshots as Souvenirs (Bulgarian: Сни́мки за спо́мен, romanizedSnímki za spómen) is a 1976 Bulgarian drama film, by the director Rumen Surdzhiyski. The film was shot in Sofia, in the building of what is today the National Finance and Economics High School, located in "Lozenetz" quarter. Its first theatrical screening took place on 13 August, 1979.

Snapshots as Souvenirs
Snimki za spomen.jpg
Directed byRumen Surdzhiyski
Written byEmil Manov and Atanas Tzenev
Produced byStudios for Feature Films – Creative Team "Savremennik"
StarringElena Dimitrova
Svetlana Atanasova
Mikhail Mikhaylov
Iskra Genkova
Maya Vladigerovа
Rashko Mladenov
Slavka Slavova
Stefan Iliev
Yuriy Yakovlev
Maria Stefanova
Atanas Bozhinov
Lyuben Petrov
Valentin Gadzhokov
Boyka Velkova
CinematographyVyacheslav Anev
Music byBozhidar Petkov
Distributed byStudios for feature films "Boyana"
Release date
  • August 13, 1979 (1979-08-13)
Running time
85 minutes

The screenplay is based on the novel My First Summer, by Emil Manov.[1]


Snapshots as Souvenirs is a youth film,[2] which depicts the inevitable tribulations and hurdles, through which the adolescents go through, in the complex school environment. Tribulations, which put to test concepts, such as friendship, honor and dignity. Tribulations, which will ever remain in the minds of each of us like snapshots – souvenirs for a lifetime.

Cast and crewEdit

Screenplay writer of the film is Atanas Tzenev.[3] Cinematographer is Vyacheslav Anev. The production designer is Ivan Apostolov. The music of the film is composed by Bozhidar Petkov.

Cast overview:

  • Elena Dimitrova – as Sashka
  • Svetlana Atanasova – as Nikolina
  • Mikhail Mikhaylov – as Mihail
  • Iskra Genkova – as Roza
  • Maya Vladigerovа – as the mother
  • Rashko Mladenov – as Stanimir
  • Slavka Slavova – as Mrs. Fileva – the literature teacher
  • Stefan Iliev – as Todorov
  • Yuriy Yakovlev – as Nikolina's father
  • Maria Stefanova
  • Atanas Bozhinov
  • Lyuben Petrov
  • Valentin Gadzhokov
  • Boyka Velkova


"With director Rumen Surdzhiyski and screenplay writers – Atanas Tzenev and Dimitar Dimitrov, as well as the rest of filmmakers, Emil Manov's novel has found faithful interpreters and adherents. The novel, which years ago gave such a lively resonance among our readers, recreated on the screen, now it will relate to many more viewers.

Manov, Surdzhiyski and the rest of the filmmakers, apparently do not wish to caress, comfort or put us to sleep with idyllic stories and happy endings. They bother us with drama of consciousness. Their film is one of those truthful, honest works which without obsessive edification, but decisively and uncompromisingly fight for justice, strive to awake good feelings in us.

Rumen Surdzhiyski proves that he possesses acute power of observation towards the spiritual phenomena in our society and the problems of the time we live in."

— "Defenders of the truth", Author: Alexander Alexandrov, "Narodna Kultura" Newspaper, 1979[4]


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