Smart Keyboard

The Smart Keyboard is a hardware keyboard and cover designed by Apple for the 1st generation iPad Pro.

Smart Keyboard
DeveloperApple Inc.
Release dateNovember 11, 2015
InputRegion-specific keyboard and trackpad
ConnectivityUSB-C port


Introduced in November 2015, the Smart Keyboard resembles a MacBook keyboard that has been built into a Smart Cover, allowing it to serve as both a cover for the display, a stand, and a physical keyboard. It features keys covered in woven fabric, that is resistant to water and other liquids. Measuring in at 4mm, the Smart Keyboard does not include external wires or Bluetooth, and does not contain batteries that would need to be charged. Instead, it is powered by the magnetic Smart Connector, a new port that is found on the iPad Pro, and recent iPad and iPad Air models.[1]

The Smart Keyboard received positive reviews, but was criticized for its high price. In November 2018, it was superseded by the Smart Keyboard Folio for the 3rd generation iPad Pro.[1]


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