Slangerup Speedway Klub

Slangerup Speedway Klub is a motorcycle speedway club from Slangerup in the Frederikssund Municipality of Denmark, who compete in the Danish Speedway League.[1][2][3] The team have won the Danish Speedway League title five times.[4][5]

Slangerup Speedway Klub
Club information
Track addressSlangerup Speedway Center, Hørup Skovvej 5A, 3550
Slangerup, Frederikssund Municipality
Team managerPatrick Hougaard
LeagueDanish Super League
WebsiteOfficial Website
Club facts
Track size340 metres
Major team honours
Team champions1983, 1988, 2008, 2010, 2011

Track edit

The track called the Slangerup Speedway Center is located on the western outskirts of Slangerup, on Hørup Skovvej 5A.[6]

History edit

1929 to 1966 edit

Although the club were formed during the Easter of 1967 by Børge O. Christiansen,[7] the history of speedway in Slangerup is linked by the founding of the Frederiksborg Amts Motorklub (FAM) on 14 August 1929.[6] The connection with FAM was the building of a practice track in Slangerup adjacent to the Graese creek because of restrictions imposed on FAM's Selskov Speedway track in Hillerød during the 1960s.[6]

1967 to 1985 edit

The practice track became known as the Slangerup Speedway Centre, which opened in 1967. However, FAM still ran the teams of Kulsvierne (the Charcoalers), Drabanterne (the Guardsmen) and Skovtroldene (the Forest Trolls) in the Danish Tournament. In 1976, the decision was made to move the teams from Hillerød to Slangerup. The teams suffixed by the name Hillerød switched to the suffix by the name of Frederiksborg and the ties with Hillerød came pretty much to an end.[6][4]

In 1983, Kulsvierne Frederiksborg became champions of Denmark for the first time.[8][9] In 1985, the team finished in 10th place in division 1 outside of the places earmarked for the following season's new Super League. However, two teams above them were unable to take part in the new eight team league.

1986 to 2007 edit

In 1986, the professional Danish Speedway League or Superliga was created, of which Slangerup were a founder member, finishing third.[10] The team signed riders like Kurt Hansen and Per Sørensen and it paid dividends when they won the Championship for the second time (first named as Slangerup) in 1988.[4]

Various riders were signed over the next two decades but the team experienced minimal success, although Brian Karger became Danish champion in 2000 when a Slangerup rider.[11] In 2006 and 2007 the team finished runner-up in the league.[4]

2008 to present edit

Mikkel Michelsen, rider with the club from 2008 to 2023

From 2008 until 2011, the team won three Championships and dominated Danish speedway. The title wins were achieved in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Riders such as Kenneth Bjerre, Jesper B. Monberg, Kenneth Kruse Hansen and Peter Ljung were instrumental in the success.[4]

From 2013 to 2023, they reached the Super Final eight times but have failed to win the Championship.[12]

Notable riders edit

References edit

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