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The Skway First Nation, (officially Shxwhá:y Village), is a band government of the Stó:lō people living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada near the city of Chilliwack. They traditionally speak the Upriver dialect of Halkomelem, one of the Salishan family of languages. The band is a member government of the Sto:lo Nation tribal council, and should not be confused with the Skwah First Nation, which is in the same area but is a different band..


Indian ReservesEdit

The band administers three Indian Reserves:[1]

The band also shares with 20 other bands the Peckquaylis Indian Reserve, formerly St. Mary's Indian Residential School at Mission, which is now a cultural, government and aboriginal business centre.

Treaty processEdit

The Skway are at Stage 4 in British Columbia Treaty Process with the rest of the Sto:lo Nation tribal council.[2]


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