Skor yike

The skor yike (Khmer: ស្គរយីកេ) is a family of Cambodian frame drums used in Yike theater.[1][2] There are as many as 13 different sizes, including the largest, the skor mei (approximately 2 feet across, 25 centimeters/9 inches deep).[1] In the Yike drama, the skor mei starts and ends the music.[1]

Two large skor yike, being used at a New Years Party featuring Lakhon Yike (Yike Opera).
At a New Years Party for members of a Yike Opera, members recall or perform pieces of their opera. Dancers are in the background, singers sit together up front, and skor yikes play.

In a Yike play, there may be from 2 to 13 drums.[2] The largest skor mei drum begins, all perform, and then the instruments fall away until only the skor mei is still playing.[2]

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