Skipwith baronets

There have been three baronetcies created in the Baronetage of England for members of the Skipwith family of Skipwith, Yorkshire, which relocated to Lincolnshire in the 14th century. They were a successful court family, with one member, Margaret Skipwith, seen as a possible queen of England after the death of Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour. One creation of the baronetcy is extant as of 2008.

The surname Skipwith is derived from Old English "sceap" (sheep) and Old Norse "vath" (ford or wading place). One ancient Skipwith coat of arms is blazoned "Argent, three bars Gules, in chief a greyhound courant Sable."

Skipwith baronets, of Prestwould (1622)Edit

Arms: Argent three Bars Gules in chief a Greyhound courant Sable; Crest: A Turnstile proper; Motto: Sans Dieu Je Ne Puis (Without God I am not able) [1]

The Skipwith Baronetcy, of Prestwould in the County of Leicester, was created in the Baronetage of England on 20 December 1622 for the son of Sir William Henry Skipwith, the poet Henry Skipwith (b. 21 Mar 1589, Prestwould Manor, Coates, Leicestershire). The third Baronet, Sir Grey, emigrated to Virginia in the middle of the 17th century. The next five Baronets were all born in Virginia. During the American Revolution, the seventh Baronet, Sir Peyton, continued to use his title throughout the war. His son, Grey, who was left an estate by Sir Thomas George Skipwith, 4th Baronet, moved to England by 1801. In 1805 after his father died, Grey became the eighth Baronet and sat as Member of Parliament for Warwickshire and Warwickshire South.[2]

  • Sir Henry Skipwith, 1st Baronet (died c. 1658)
  • Sir Henry Skipwith, 2nd Baronet (c. 1616c. 1663)
  • Sir Grey Skipwith, 3rd Baronet (1622–died c. 1671)
  • Sir William Skipwith, 4th Baronet (c. 1670–1736)
  • Sir Grey Skipwith, 5th Baronet (1705–c. 1750)
  • Sir William Skipwith, 6th Baronet (1707–1764)
  • Sir Peyton Skipwith, 7th Baronet (1740–1805)
  • Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Baronet (1771–1852)
  • Sir Thomas George Skipwith, 9th Baronet (1803–1863)
  • Sir Peyton Estoteville Skipwith, 10th Baronet (1857–1891)
  • Sir Grey Humberston d'Estoteville Skipwith, 11th Baronet (1884–1950), spouse of Sofka Skipwith
  • Sir Patrick Alexander d'Estoteville Skipwith, 12th Baronet (1938–2016)
  • Sir Alexander Sebastian Grey d'Estoteville Skipwith (born 1969).

The heir apparent to the baronetcy is the present holder's only son Constantine Alexander Paul d'Estoteville Skipwith (born 2006)

Skipwith baronets, of Newbold Hall (1670)Edit

The Skipwith Baronetcy, of Newbold Hall in the County of Warwick, was created in the Baronetage of England on 25 October 1670 for Fulwar Skipwith. The second Baronet represented Coventry in the House of Commons in 1713. The fourth Baronet was Member of Parliament for Warwickshire and Steyning. The title became extinct on the latter's death in 1790.

The 4th Baronet left an estate to Grey Skipwith, the 8th Baronet of Prestwould.

Skipwith baronets, of Metheringham (1678)Edit

The Skipwith Baronetcy, of Metheringham in the County of Lincoln, was created in the Baronetage of England on 27 July 1678 for Thomas Skipwith, previously Member of Parliament for Grantham. The second Baronet sat as Member of Parliament for Malmesbury. The title became extinct on the death of the third Baronet in 1756.