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Skiladiko or Skyladiko Greek pronunciation: [sciˈlaðiko], (Greek: Σκυλάδικο), is a derogatory term to describe a branch of laiko music and some of the current nightclubs in Greece in which this music is performed.[1][2][3][4] It also refers to the so-called "decadent" form of laiko,[5] and is derived from the Greek for dog (σκύλος, skilos), meaning "doggish" or "doghouse". The term was also used to refer to cheap or often unlicensed Greek night clubs with a usually shady reputation of Greek music on the outskirts of a Greek city or town.[6]. The typical arrangement in current skiladika establishments includes an elevated stage ("palco") where singers and musicians perform Greek songs, with the use of heavy amplified bouzouki, electric guitars and other instruments.

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