Skik is a Dutch pop group, originating from the town of Erica, Drenthe. The band mainly sings in Drèents, a variation of Low-Saxon, which is traditionally spoken in Drenthe. Skik is Drèents for fun or enjoyment.

Daniël Lohues.PNG
Daniël Lohues [nl], leader of Skik
Background information
OriginErica (Drenthe), Netherlands
GenresPop, Blues
Years active1994 - 2004
Past membersDaniël Lohues [nl], Marco Geerdink, Maarten van der Helm, Marlen Davers
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Skik's first performance was in 1994, on Muzem, a festival dedicated to the dialect, in Emmen, Netherlands. Later they got several hits, including Op Fietse (Gone cycling) and Hoe kan dat nou? (How come?). These two songs are both from their first popular album, Niks Is Zoas 't Lek (Nothing's the way it seems to be). The follow-up of this album, 's Nachts (At night), produces the hits 't Giet Zoas 't Giet (It goes the way it goes) and Af & Toe (Now & Then).

The CD Overal & Nergens (Everywhere & Nowhere) meant a breaking of the ties with the Drèents, which resulted in a song in ABN (Broadcast Dutch). Ik Ga Als Een Speer made it to the charts, but no of the other songs did. The next song of theirs that made it into the charts was Ik heb geen zin om op te staan, which they recorded together with Henk Westbroek. Their next and fifth CD, Tof (Awesome) brought along the single-CD Dankjewel Voor De Zon (Thanks for the sun), which featured a video clip made by students of the HKU.

In 2004 the compilation-CD Best Tof (Kinda Cool), a play on Best of, was published. The group was on a promotion tour for the CD until September that same year. After that, Skik was less noticeable, as band leader Daniël Lohues was going solo with the 'Louisiana Blues Club'. On the first of Oktober 2006 the group performed on a surprise party for the 25-year anniversary of De Dijk, another Dutch band. Skik performed the song Stampvol Café for the occasion.



Skik (1995)Edit

  1. Ik heb wel's zo'n dag
  2. Tomme
  3. Protestsong
  4. Jelle Skai & Eppie D.
  5. Niks meer te vertellen
  6. Doe niet net asof
  7. De man
  8. Dreuge worst
  9. Betonpaolties
  10. Ben d'r flauw van
  11. As ik joe nie had
  12. Klotenweer
  13. Naor huus
  14. bonus: Mick & Keith (wie kent ze niet)

Niks is zoas 't lek (1997)Edit

  1. Nie veur spek & bonen
  2. Ik kan't nie wachten
  3. Niks is zoas 't lek
  4. Hoe kan dat nou?
  5. Makluk zat
  6. Beter nooit dan ooit
  7. Op fietse
  8. Absoluut, misschien
  9. Wachten op de zunne
  10. Cowboys & Indiaans
  11. We zullen 't wel zien
  12. Kabaal aal
  13. bonus: Nico en Rob, wie kent ze niet

's Nachts (1999)Edit

  1. 't Is mij allemaol wel best
  2. Waor ben ik met bezig?!
  3. 't Giet zoas 't giet
  4. Laot mar kommen
  5. Overneij
  6. 's nachts
  7. Af & toe
  8. Echt nie!
  9. Ik ben zo bliede
  10. De buie
  11. Elke weg
  12. 'k heb 't licht nog an
  13. De schipper & de duuvel
  14. Bonus: Backing track 's Nachts

Overal & Nergens (2000)Edit

  1. Overal & Nergens
  2. Ik ga als 'n speer
  3. Logisch Toch (of niet)?
  4. Wie het weet mag het zeggen
  5. Over Stilte en Lawaai
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Ik wil weg
  8. Niks aan doen
  9. Als je ontevreden bent
  10. Hersenpan vol blues
  11. Je vindt me toch niet

Tof (2002)Edit

  1. Tof
  2. Land van melk & honing, wiet & witte wijn
  3. Doe mij maar jou
  4. Dankjewel voor de zon
  5. Over jou
  6. Ter voorkoming van misverstanden
  7. Anniek
  8. Verliefd
  9. Blablabla
  10. Honingbij
  11. Canadian Girl
  12. Alles gaat voorbij

Best Tof (2004)Edit

  1. Tomme
  2. Naor huus
  3. As ik joe nie had
  4. Niks is zoas 't lek
  5. Hoe kan dat nou
  6. Makluk zat
  7. Op fietse
  8. 't Giet zo as 't giet
  9. 's Nachts
  10. Af & toe
  11. Ik ben zo bliede
  12. Als ik wil...
  13. Ik ga als een speer
  14. Je vindt me toch niet
  15. Dankjewel voor de zon
  16. Alles gaat voorbij
  17. Tof
  18. Is dit alles (Doe Maar tribute)
  19. Zo vrolijk (Live versie, radio 2 gala)
  20. Grachten van Amsterdam


  • Tomme
    • bonustracks: Altied Te Laat; Elvis (As Ik Um Was); Eppie D. & Jelle Skai (Live)
  • Klotenweer - nieuwe versie
    • bonustrack: Nije Skoene
  • Niks Meer Te Vertellen
    • bonustracks: Teddybeere
  • Ik Wil Weg
    • (bonustrack: Als We Zo Doorgaan)
    • (bonus: Videoclips Ik Ga Als Een Speer & De Kat, De Eend & De Mens)
  • Ik heb geen zin om op te staan - single met Henk Westbroek
    • bonus: Niets Is Onmogelijk - met Henk Westbroek
  • Verliefd
    • bonustrack: Zo Vrolijk? (Live Radio 2 Gala)
  • Grachten Van Amsterdam
    • bonustrack: Stan Meyers Blues


There are two more songs by Skik that aren't distributed, and that can't be found on regular CD's. These are: De Sneij (The Snow), which was published as an addition to the VPRO Christmas CD in 1998, and Woar Ben Ik Mee Bezig (What Am I Doing), which had an alternative version published on the CD Twee Meter Sessies NL 1.


  • The song Op Fietse describes a tour by bicycle through South-East Drenthe, which is the area in which lead singer Daniël Lohues [] was born. The Drenthe Office of Tourism (VVV) later made this into a real route: "the Skik-route"
  • Op Fietse was used for two Dutch TV commercials. The first of which was one for Calvé, a Dutch brand of peanut butter dating back to 2005. It would later also be used in an advertisement for ING, a major bank in the Netherlands.
  • The single-version of Hoe Kan Dat Nou later got Niks is Zoas 't Lek as bonus track added on its CD.
  • Guitarist Marco Geerdink is a nephew of frontman Daniël Lohues and played in Gimme Shelter, a Rolling Stones-cover band. He replaced Despo Kristel during the comeback of The Schizo's. Lohues said in an interview that The Shizo's were a major source of inspiration for all bands from Drenthe.


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