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Skawinka is a river in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship of Poland, right tributary of the Vistula River with a length of 34 km[1] and a drainage basin of 365 km².[1] The average discharge is 2.90 m³ / s (9.6 km from the mouth).[1]

Skawinka(Cedron)-RzekaWWoliRadziszowskiej-POL, Wola Radziszowska.jpg
Skawinka in Wola Radziszowska
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationnear Harbutowice, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
 ⁃ coordinates49°47′36″N 19°47′27″E / 49.79333°N 19.79083°E / 49.79333; 19.79083
 ⁃ elevation560 m (1 837 ft (255 m)) AMSL[1]
 ⁃ location
north of Kopanka, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
 ⁃ coordinates
49°59′40″N 19°47′43″E / 49.99444°N 19.79528°E / 49.99444; 19.79528Coordinates: 49°59′40″N 19°47′43″E / 49.99444°N 19.79528°E / 49.99444; 19.79528
 ⁃ elevation
209 m (686 ft) AMSL[1]
Length34 km (21 mi)
Basin size365 km2 (141 sq mi)
 ⁃ average2.90 m3/s (102 cu ft/s)
9,6 km (5,97 mi) from mouth[1]
Basin features
ProgressionVistulaBaltic Sea
 ⁃ leftMogiłka
 ⁃ rightRzepnik, Włosianka, Lutówka, Głogoczówka, Harbutówka

Its sources are located on the slopes of Babica [pl] in the Maków Beskids. The river flows through the Wieliczka Foothills [pl] and the valley of the Vistula.[1]

The main tributaries counting from the mouth: Rzepnik [pl] (right); Mogiłka (left); Włosianka, Łutówka, Głogoczówka, Harbutówka [pl] (right).

The most important places along Skawinka: Skawinki, Lanckorona, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Leńcze, Wola Radziszowska, Radziszów, Rzozów, Skawina.

The river lends its name to the village Skawinki located at its source and to the town of Skawina, which is the last town before its mouth. Sometimes it is called "Cedron" by the residents of the neighbouring villages, especially around Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. In the late middle ages it used to be a political border between Silesia and Lesser Poland, and also between the Bohemian Crown and the Crown of Poland.

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