Sixth government of Israel

The sixth government of Israel was formed by Moshe Sharett during the second Knesset on 29 June 1955. Sharett dropped the General Zionists and the Progressive Party from his coalition, which included Mapai, Mizrachi, Hapoel HaMizrachi, the Democratic List for Israeli Arabs, Progress and Work and Agriculture and Development.

Second Sharett Cabinet

6th Cabinet of Israel
Date formed29 June 1955 (1955-06-29)
Date dissolved3 November 1955 (1955-11-03)
People and organisations
Head of stateYitzhak Ben-Zvi
Head of governmentMoshe Sharett
Member partiesMapai
Hapoel HaMizrachi
Progressive Party
Poalei Agudat Yisrael
Democratic List for Israeli Arabs
Progress and Work
Agriculture and Development
Status in legislaturecoalition
Opposition leaderMeir Ya'ari
Legislature term(s)2nd Knesset
Predecessor5th cabinet of Israel
Successor7th cabinet of Israel

The only changes to the cabinet from the previous government were the dropping of General Zionist ministers Yosef Serlin, Israel Rokach and Yosef Sapir; instead of appointing new ministers to the cabinet to replace them, Sharett divided their portfolios out between existing ministers. Although his party departed from the coalition, Progressive Party MK Pinchas Rosen remained Minister of Justice.

With the exception of Deputy Minister Kalman Kahana who resigned on 15 August, the government remained in place until 3 November 1955, more than three months after the July 1955 elections.

The Cabinet
Position Person Party
Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Moshe Sharett Mapai
Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Trade and Industry
Peretz Naftali Mapai
Minister of Defense David Ben-Gurion Mapai
Minister of Development Dov Yosef Mapai
Minister of Education and Culture Ben-Zion Dinor Not an MK
Minister of Finance Levi Eshkol Mapai
Minister of Health Dov Yosef Mapai
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Religions
Minister of Welfare
Haim-Moshe Shapira Hapoel HaMizrachi
Minister of Justice Pinchas Rosen Progressive Party
Minister of Labour Golda Meir Mapai
Minister of Police Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit Mapai
Minister of Postal Services Yosef Burg Hapoel HaMizrachi
Minister of Transportation Zalman Aran Mapai
Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Kalman Kahana (until 15 August 1955) Poalei Agudat Yisrael

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