Six Days of São Paulo

The Six Days of São Paulo was a six-day cycling event held in São Paulo, Brazil. Two editions of the event were held. The first was held in January 1957, won by Italian-Argentine team Severino Rigoni and Bruno Sivilotti; the second in March 1959, won by Brazilian duo Antonio Alba and Claudio Rosa.[1]

Six Days of São Paulo
Race details
RegionSão Paulo, Brazil
TypeSix-day racing
First edition1957 (1957)
Final edition1959
First winnerItaly Severino Rigoni
Argentina Bruno Sivilotti


Edition Winners Second Third
1957   Severino Rigoni
  Bruno Sivilotti
  Mario Ghella
  Giuseppe Sunzeri
  Mario García
  Enio Simões
1959   Antonio Alba
  Claudio Rosa
  Antonio Alexandre
  Ramón Vázquez
  Bruno Sivilotti
  Giuseppe Sunzeri


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