The Six Days of Charleroi was a short-lived six-day track cycling race held annually in Charleroi, Belgium.[1]

Six Days of Charleroi
Race details
RegionCharleroi, Belgium
Local name(s)Six Jours de Charleroi (in French)
TypeSix-day racing
First edition1967 (1967)
Final edition1969
First winner Patrick Sercu (BEL)
 Ferdinand Bracke (BEL)
Most wins Patrick Sercu (BEL)
 Ferdinand Bracke (BEL) (2 wins)
Final winner Patrick Sercu (BEL)
 Norbert Seeuws (BEL)

It took place on a dismountable velodrome, especially installed for the event in the Charleroi Exhibition Centre. Three editions were organized from 1967 to 1969, of which Patrick Sercu and Ferdinand Bracke won two.[2]

Winners edit

Year Winner Second Third
1967   Patrick Sercu
  Ferdinand Bracke
  Norbert Seeuws
  Théo Verschueren
  Giuseppe Beghetto
  Klaus Bugdahl
1968   Eddy Merckx
  Ferdinand Bracke
  Robert Lelangue
  Julien Stevens
  Rik Van Looy
  Patrick Sercu
1969   Norbert Seeuws
  Patrick Sercu
  Eddy Merckx
  Julien Stevens
  Rudi Altig
  Ferdinand Bracke

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