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The Sisu A2045 HMTV (High Mobility Terrain Vehicle) is a Finnish standard medium tactical truck, intended to replace older SISU A45 "Proto" light trucks in the Finnish Defence Forces. In spoken language Sisu A2045 is called the MAN-Sisu referring to the engine, axles and other elementary parts delivered by the German lorry manufacturer MAN Nutzfahrzeuge,[5] officially MAN SE, former MAN AG. For the personal transportation on the installed seats, twelve persons can travel outside the driver's cabin. The lorry is classified by its weight as a middle off-road logistic vehicle.

SISU A2045
Sisu A2045 Turku 1.JPG
Sisu A2045
Place of origin Finland
Service history
Used byFinland
Production history
ManufacturerSisu Auto, Karis of Raseborg [1]
No. built234 (FDF orders 2009-2010) [2][3]
Mass5,500 kg
Length0 m (0 in)
 length0 m (0 in) (wheelbase)
Width0 m (0 in)
Height0 m (0 in)
Crew1+2, option for extra 12 persons outside the driver's cabin

ArmorSTANAG 4569
Ballistic level 1
Engine6.87 l 6-cyl MAN DO 836 LFL50 Euro5 Turbo Diesel
179 kW (240 hp) @ 2 300 r/min, 925 Nm / 1 200 r/min - 1800 r/min, 105 km/h
Payload capacity5,000kg; gross
Transmission9-port manual ZF 9S 1310OD or 12-port automatic ZF 12 AS 1210
Suspension4×4 wheeled, axles: MAN VP06 front, HPO 728 rear [4]
Ground clearance.35m
Fuel capacity300 L (79 US gal; 66 imp gal)
500 km (310 mi)
Speed105 km/h (65 mph)

The trucks are used for general logistics and conscript training, as well as for towing artillery pieces, anti-aircraft weapons and command modules.

Sisu A2045 is the successor of Sisu A-45, Sisu AH-45 and Sisu KB-45. The A2045 was introduced at the Security and Defence 2008 exhibition in Lahti, Finland.[6]


  Finland: The Finnish Defence Forces has ordered 232 4×4 vehicles for delivery 2009-2010. It has also an option for an additional 240 vehicles to be bought after 2010.


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