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Sister Polygon Records is an independent record label run by the band Priests.[1] The label is based in Washington, DC, and has released music by Priests, Downtown Boys, Pinkwash, and Shady Hawkins.

Sister Polygon Records
Founded2012 (2012)
GenrePunk, post punk, indie rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationWashington, D.C.



Priests created the label in 2012[1] in order to release their first single, the "Radiation/Personal Planes" 7-inch.[2] The second release was a cassette of the New York feminist punk band Shady Hawkins' 2013 album Dead To Me.[1]

The members of Priests run the label out of their houses and apartments.[3]

The label is interested in offering a platform to artists who might not have another way to get their music out. In an interview with the Washington City Paper, Daniele Daniele said: "We're interested in finding people who are underrepresented or weren't signed, making something weird enough where there might not be a normal outlet for it."[1]


Sister Polygon has released music by Priests, Neonates, Shady Hawkins, Carni Klirs, Dudes, Downtown Boys, Pinkwash, Sneaks, Gauche, Hothead, Snail Mail, and Post Pink.


Catalog # Artist Title Format Year Notes
SPR-001 Priests "Radiation" b/w "Personal Planes" 7-inch 2012
SPR-002 Shady Hawkins Dead to Me cassette 2013[4]
SPR-003 Carni Klirs Drift + Fade cassette 2013[5]
SPR-004 Priests Tape Two cassette 2013 Recorded and mixed by Kevin Erickson at Swim Two Birds
SPR-005 Neonates Self-Titled cassette
SPR-006 Downtown Boys Self-Titled 7" 2014
SPR-007 Dudes Greatest Hits cassette 2013
SPR-008 Sneaks Self-Titled cassette 2014[6]
SPR-009 Pinkwash Your Cure Your Soil EP cassette 2014
SPR-010 Pinkwash Cancer Money b/w Skin 7" Produced/engineered by Kyle "Slick" Johnson and Al Creedon at Fancy Time Studios
SPR-011 Priests Bodies and Control and Money and Power 12" EP Split with Don Giovanni Records
SPR-012 Gauche Get Away With Gauche cassette 2015
SPR-013 Hothead S/T cassette 2016
SPR-014 Flasher Self-Titled cassette 2016 Originally released on cassette in April 2016. Reissued on 12" vinyl 11/18/16.
SPR-015 Post Pink I Believe You, OK cassette 2016
SPR-016 Cigarette Warm Shadows b/w Love's Mirror 7" 2016 Recorded by Kevin Erickson at Swim Two Birds
SPR-017 Snail Mail Habit EP cassette / 12" EP 2016
SPR-018 Pearie Sol Self-Titled cassette 2016
SPR-019 Governess Self-Titled cassette 2016
SPR-020 KAG EP A cassette 2016
SPR-021 Priests Nothing Feels Natural 12" LP 2017
SPR-022 Coup Sauvage and the Snips Heirs to Nothing cassette 2017
SPR-023 Hand Grenade Job Devotionals cassette 2017 Recorded by Kyle Gilbride
SPR-025 Blood Club A Wood With Knots cassette 2017
SPR-026 Governess Zero cassette / CD 2018 Recorded and mixed by Jason Barnett
SPR-027 The Funs Alienated 12" LP 2018 Recorded by Dave Vettriano at Rose Raft
SPR-028 Ultra Beauty S/T cassette 2018
SPR-029 Priests SUCK (extended mix & remixes) CD 2018
SPR-030 Florry Brown Bunny cassette 2018
SPR-031 Priests The Seduction of Kansas CD 2019 4/5/2019 release date


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