Jacques Sirmond

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Jacques Sirmond (12 or 22 October 1559 – 7 October 1651) was a French scholar and Jesuit.

Jacques Sirmond.

Simond was born at Riom, Auvergne. He was educated at the Jesuit College of Billom; having been a novice at Verdun and then at Pont-Mousson, he entered into the order on 26 July 1576. After having taught rhetoric at Paris he resided for a long time in Rome as secretary to Claudio Acquaviva (1590–1608). In 1637 he was confessor to Louis XIII.


He brought out many editions of Latin and Byzantine chroniclers of the Middle Ages:

An essay in which he denied the identity of St Denis of Paris and St Denis the Areopagite (1641), caused a controversy. His Opera varia, where this essay is to be found, as well as a description in Latin verse of his voyage from Paris to Rome in 1590, have appeared in 5 vols (1696; new ed. Venice, 1728). To him is attributed Elogio di cardinale Baronio (1607).


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