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Sir Billi also known as Guardian of the Highlands is a 2012 British computer-animated adventure comedy feature film. It was made by husband and wife Sascha Hartmann and Tessa Hartmann.[1] Directed by Sascha Hartmann, the film stars the voices of Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, Patrick Doyle and Kieron Elliott.

Sir Billi, aka Guardian of the Highlands
SirBilli Poster.jpg
Teaser poster
Directed bySascha Hartmann
Produced bySascha Hartmann
Tessa Hartmann
Sean Connery
Written byTessa Hartmann
Based onSir Billi the Vet
by Tessa Hartmann
StarringSean Connery
Alan Cumming
Patrick Doyle
Kieron Elliott
Greg Hemphill
Ford Kiernan
Miriam Margolyes
Amy Sacco
Music byPatrick Doyle
Shirley Bassey
Edited bySteven Weisberg
Billi Productions
Glasgow Animation
Release date
  • 13 April 2012 (2012-04-13) (Sonoma Film Festival)
  • 2013 (2013)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Budget£15 million (US$19.4 million)

The film is Scotland's first CGI animated feature film.[2] Sascha directed Sir Billi from a screenplay written by his wife Tessa, based on an original story they developed together. It was also the final acting role for Sean Connery, who announced his retirement from the motion picture industry after working on the film.[1]

Sir Billi is an adventure about the race to save the last beaver in Scotland, led by Sir Billi; veterinarian by profession, skateboarder by passion and grandfather by love.



An old, skateboarding veterinarian Sir Billi goes above and beyond the call of responsibility fighting villainous policemen and strong lairds in a war to save an illegal fugitive—Bessie Boo the beaver.

Voice castEdit

Production and distributionEdit

Sir Billi was produced by Glasgow-based Billi Productions, founded by the Hartmanns.[3] The film was in production for several years, with a 30-minute short film version completed in 2006, but it was expanded to 80 minutes.[4] The total budget was £15 million (or US$19.4 million).[5]

The film premiered on 13 April 2012, at the Sonoma International Film Festival.[6][7]which is better known as a wine festival. Worldwide distribution rights were acquired by Shoreline in October 2012.[2]

It was scheduled for a limited British release on 13 September 2013 at three cinemas, to be followed by a DVD release.[8]

The film was released in the United States under the alternative title Guardian of the Highlands,[9] which is also the name of the film's title song, sung by Dame Shirley Bassey.[10]

Critical responseEdit

The negative reaction to the film was widely reported in the British press.[8][11] Variety called it "woefully anaemic", criticising its "simplistic story and non-sequitur style". They pointed out a few in-jokes referencing Connery's past role as James Bond, such as title sequence featuring a Shirley Bassey song that pastiches Bond themes.[12][13]

The Scotsman called it "mirthless" and "rudimentary".[14] Slash Film criticised it as an "ignominious" end to Connery's career, even compared to his previous film, the critically reviled The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.[4] Flayrah called the CG "the ugliest that I have ever seen".[15] Journalist Lisa Summers was also harshly critical of both the CGI and the story.[16] F Bomb Movie Review felt it badly failed to connect with today's children.[17]

Despite the film's universally negative reception, AM FM Magazine claimed it was well received on its premiere in Sonoma.[18]


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