Sinop Fortress

Sinop Fortress is a historic castle in Sinop, Turkey.

Sinop Fortress
Sinop Province, Turkey
Sinop Fortress is located in Turkey
Sinop Fortress
Sinop Fortress
Coordinates42°01′42.5″N 35°08′47.3″E / 42.028472°N 35.146472°E / 42.028472; 35.146472Coordinates: 42°01′42.5″N 35°08′47.3″E / 42.028472°N 35.146472°E / 42.028472; 35.146472
Site information
Open to
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Site history
Built8th century


The castle is located in Sinop district of Sinop Province. The historical Sinop Fortress Prison is situated in the castle.[1]


Sinop Fortress was built in the 8th century by the immigrants coming from Miletus.[2] Genoeses have improved the fortress.[2] The castle was included in the World Heritage Tentative List in 2013.[2] The castle underwent restoration starting in 2019.[3]


Length of the bastions and walls are 2.000 meters. Bastions are 8 meters wide and 25 meters high.[2]


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