Siniristi ("Blue Cross", until 1933 Tapparamies, the "Axman") was a Finnish Nazi magazine published between 1931 and 1939 and published by Publishing Company Oy Vasara that was operated by Gunnar von Hertzen and Y. W. Jalander. Its material consisted mainly of anti-Semitic propaganda adopted from Nazi Germany. The authors of the magazine included the well-known Finnish-Swedish Nazi Thorvald Oljemark.[1]

Siniristi (Blue Cross)
Siniristi 1933.png
TypeWeekly Newspaper
Editor-in-chiefTauno E. Einiö 1931–1933

Tahvo Liljeblad 1933
Toivo Karanko 1934–1938
Y. W. Jalander 1938–1939

Björn Smeds 1939
Founded1931 (1931)
Political alignmentNazism
LanguageFinnish language
Ceased publication1939 (1939)

Siniristi was a deeply antisemitic magazine, and its antisemitism was mainly based on Christian antisemitism, which was the dominant current in Finnish society.[2] Tahvo Liljeblad published many articles on the relations of Christians and Jews: to him Jesus was the most powerful opponent of the Jews and was killed for challenging the teachings of the rabbis "which are fatal to humanity". As punishment the Jews were cursed and scattered by God.[3][4] In 1933 Siniristi published an exposé on the Talmud which supposedly contained attacks on Christianity, because the Jews understood Christianity stood against their world-conquest plans.[5]

In 1939 Siniristi was replaced by Kustaa Vaasa magazine.[1]



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