Sinfonia in D major, BWV 1045

Sinfonia in D major, BWV 1045, sometimes referred to as a violin concerto movement (Konzertsatz), is an orchestral work for solo violin, three trumpets, timpani, two oboes, strings and continuo, written down by Johann Sebastian Bach.[1] A late work composed in Leipzig between c. 1742 and 1746,[2] surviving only as a fragment,[3][4] the movement is a sinfonia of an otherwise lost cantata.[5][6][7] In particular, the piece ends abruptly, with the last two bars (151 and 152) appearing in someone else's hand and attached as a separate page at the end of the manuscript, which is otherwise in Bach's hand. The work features a highly virtuosic concertato part with extensive chordal and arpeggiated passages and at one point reaches a''', unusually high for Bach's violin music.

Sinfonia in D major
by Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg
KeyD major
CatalogueBWV 1045
Year1746 (1746)
Composed1742 (1742)–1746
ScoringViolin, 3 Trumpets, Timpani, 2 Oboes Strings, and Continuo


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