Sin remitente

Sin Remitente (also known as Return to Sender and Sender Unknown) is a 1995 Mexican drama film written and directed by Carlos Carrera. The film was entered into the main competition at the 52nd edition of the Venice Film Festival.[1] It also won three Ariel Awards, for best picture, best direction and best actor.[2]

Sin Remitente
Sin remitente.jpg
Directed byCarlos Carrera
Written byCarlos Carrera
Ignacio Ortiz
Silvia Pasternac
Music byJuan Cristóbal Pérez Grobet
CinematographyXavier Pérez Grobet
Release date
  • 1995 (1995)


  • Fernando Torre Laphame as Andrés
  • Tiaré Scanda as Mariana
  • Luisa Huertas as Teresita de Jesús
  • Guillermo Gil as Mario
  • Luis Felipe Tovar as Luis Felipe
  • Gina Morett as Beti
  • Nora Velázquez as Rosa, Mario's wife


Ariel AwardsEdit

The Ariel Awards are awarded annually by the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences in Mexico. Sin Remitente received four awards out of 14 nominations.[3]

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1996 Sin Remitente Best Picture Won
Carlos Carrera Best Direction Won
Fernando Torre Lapham Best Actor Won
Guillermo Gil Best Supporting Actor Nominated
Gina Morett Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Luis Felipe Tovar Best Actor in a Minor Role Won
Ignacio Ortíz Cruz and Silvia Pasternac Best Original Screenplay Nominated
Juan Cristobal Pérez Grobet Best Original Score Nominated
Xavier Pérez Grobet Best Cinematography Nominated
Sigfrido Barjau Best Editing Nominated
Gloria Carrasco Best Production Design Nominated
Best Set Design Nominated
Nerio Barberis and Salvador de la Fuente Best Sound Nominated
Alejandro Vázquez Best Special Effects Nominated


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