Simon Phipps (game designer)

Simon Phipps is a British self-taught game programmer and video game designer.[1] He began making games in 1982 when he wrote his first published video game he wrote while he was at school. He spent a few months writing business software before he was approached to provide some freelance artwork for Sheffield-based Gremlin Graphics. At his interview, he was offered a full-time position.

Simon Phipps
OccupationGame designer

Phipps has worked on Acclaim Entertainment's hit Shadow Man, alongside game designer Guy Miller. Phipps worked for Acclaim Teesside, but about 9 months into making the game ShadowMan: 2econd Coming, he left for Electronic Arts (EA) where he worked alongside Guy Miller on the Harry Potter games for five years.

In 2006, he moved to EA's studio Criterion Games working on a number of unpublished titles as well as contributing to their website and video podcast. In early 2009 he left EA and joined Eurocom.



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