Silver Spoon Set

Silver Spoon Set (Italian: I Delfini, also known as The Dauphins) is a 1960 Italian and French drama film directed and written by Francesco Maselli. The film stars Claudia Cardinale. Shot in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

Silver Spoon Set
I Delfini.jpg
Directed byFrancesco Maselli
Written byEnnio De Concini, Francesco Maselli
StarringClaudia Cardinale.
CinematographyGianni Di Venanzo
Edited byRuggero Mastroianni
Music byGiovanni Fusco
Distributed byLes Films Ariane, Lux Film
Release date
5 October 1960




When I Delfini was first released in Italy in 1960 the Committee for the Theatrical Review of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities rated the film suitable for people 16 years and older. In order for the film to be screened publicly, the Committee recommended the removal of the scene in which Alberto and Fedora are kissing each other in bed because the kiss was considered excessively lustful. The reason for the age restriction, cited in the official documents, is that the subject and the scenes of the movie are considered inappropriate to the sensitivity of a minor. The official document number is: 32912, it was signed on 20 September 1960 by Minister Renzo Helfer

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