Siege of Port-au-Prince (1803)

The siege of Port-au-Prince was an engagement that took place during the Haitian Revolution.[1]

Siege of Port-au-Prince
Part of the Haitian Revolution
DateOctober 1803
(218 years ago)
Result Haitian victory
France Flag of Haiti (1803-1804).svg Haitian Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Jean-Pierre Marie Lavalette du Verdier Flag of Haiti (1803-1804).svg Jean-Jacques Dessalines
1,000 men 22,000 men
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown


In October, the rebel army commanded by General Dessalines, a force of 22,000 men, laid siege to the city of Port-au-Prince. After a month of siege and several attacks,[2] the French troops commanded by Lavalette evacuate the place and retreat to the Cap-Français.[3]



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