Siege of Ponda

The siege of Ponda was a siege of Ponda, Goa, during the Imperial Maratha Conquests. The siege lasted from 8 April to 6 May 1675.

Siege of Ponda
Part of Imperial Maratha Conquests
Date8 April–6 May 1675
Result Maratha victory
Fortress of Ponda captured by the Marathas.
Maratha Empire Bijapur Sultanate
Commanders and leaders
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Muhammad Khan

In his attack on the west coast of India, the forces of the Maratha King Shivaji encircled the fortress of Ponda, held by Bijapuri troops. The fortress was stormed by Shivaji's troops after Mughal commander Bahlol Khan did not send reinforcements. The fortress' commander, Muhammad Khan, was one of the few to escape the massacre of the garrison.[1] The capture of Ponda resulted in the Maratha Empire capturing most of the western part of the Carnatic region.[2]

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