Siege of Mantinea

The siege of Mantinea occurred in 385 BC, and resulted in a victory of the Spartans over the city of Mantinea, which was defeated and dismembered.[1] On this occasion, Epaminondas, then fighting on the side of the Spartans, famously rescued his fellow Theban Pelopidas.[2][3]

Epaminondas defending Pelopidas at the siege of Mantinea (385 BC).
Epaminondas saves the life of Pelopidas in battle

Mantinea had been opposed to the Spartans in the Peloponesian War. As a result, Mantinea first fell in 417, and it was then destroyed in the siege of 385 BC.[4] However, the Arcadians were able to recover and restored their city after the Battle of Leuctra and the defeat of Spartan hegemony.[4]


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