Siege of Guanggu

The siege of Guanggu[1][2][3][4] was fought between 409 and 410 AD between the Eastern Jin and Southern Yan dynasties of China. The conflict started when the Southern Yan ruler, Murong Chao, raided the Eastern Jin northern borders for prisoners. In response, the Eastern Jin regent Liu Yu launched a campaign against the Southern Yan. He defeated the Southern Yan army at the Battle of Linqu, then besieged their capital Guanggu. The siege only lasted for a few months and ended in the conquest of Southern Yan by the Eastern Jin.

Siege of Guanggu
Part of Liu Yu's Northern Expeditions
Sixteen Kingdoms 406 AD.jpg
Map of China shortly before the siege
Date409-410 AD
Guanggu, Shandong
Result Jin victory, conquest of Southern Yan
Jin dynasty Southern Yan
Commanders and leaders
Liu Yu Murong Chao
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown, most likely higher


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