Sidney Greenbaum

Sidney Greenbaum (31 December 1929 – 28 May 1996) was a British scholar of the English language and of linguistics. He was Quain Professor of English language and literature at the University College London from 1983 to 1990 and Director of the Survey of English Usage, 1983-96. With Randolph Quirk and others, he wrote A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language (Longman 1985). He also wrote Oxford English Grammar (Oxford, 1996).

Greenbaum studied at Jews' College, London, and was a qualified minister of religion although he never held a paid ministerial position. According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry on Greenbaum, "In 1990 Greenbaum resigned the Quain chair at University College following his conviction in London of a number of charges of sexual assault on young boys."[1]

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