The Harbour of Silboga, c. 1910-1920
View of Sibolga Bay over the old European quarter, 1917

Sibolga Bay (formerly known by the Dutch Baai van Tapanoeli, literally The Bay of Tapanoeli; alternatively Tapanuli Bay) is a natural harbour on the west coast of North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia. It is named after the city of Sibolga which is located inside of the bay.

There are a few islands in the bay, one of which was formerly the site of a fort controlled by the English and the Dutch.


The area is relatively exposed to tsunamis. An alleged tsunami of November 13, 1925 is debated.[1] The December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit the area hard.


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Coordinates: 1°38′56″N 98°47′55″E / 1.6488°N 98.7985°E / 1.6488; 98.7985