Shushary (Saint Petersburg Metro)

Shushary (Russian: Шушары) is a Saint Petersburg Metro station on the Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line (Line 5) of the Saint Petersburg Metro. It was opened on 3 October 2019 as a part of the extension of the line to the south from Mezhdunarodnaya. The extension also included Prospekt Slavy and Dunayskaya stations. Shushary is the southeastern terminus of the line, behind Dunayskaya.[1][2]

Saint Petersburg Metro station
Metro SPB Line5 Shushary (img2).jpg
General information
Other namesYuzhnaya (proposed)
Operated bySaint Petersburg Metro
Line(s)Line 5 (Saint Petersburg Metro) Frunzensko–Primorskaya Line
Platforms2 (Side platforms)
Structure typeAboveground, covered
Opened3 October 2019
ElectrifiedThird rail
Preceding station Spb metro logo.svg Saint Petersburg Metro Following station
Dunayskaya Line 5 Terminus

The station was initially planned as Yuzhnaya, and the name was sometimes used in official communications.[3]

Shushary is built outside of the Saint Petersburg Ring Road, in Frunzensky District. The name refers to the settlement of Shushary.


Buses: 197A, 254, 324, 330.


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Coordinates: 59°49′12″N 30°25′58″E / 59.82000°N 30.43278°E / 59.82000; 30.43278